Furniture production for individual and business customers

We encourage you to employ our services in the scope of designing and making fitted furniture that interest you. Thanks to those services, you will receive:

  • ability to created your dreamed project – our Company’s specialists will carefully listen to the idea of each customer and will help create a design, which will fully represent the image of a perfect kitchen or office,
  • intelligent and optimal space arrangement – thanks to the creation of a project from scratch, the designer can plan the space in a way that will use each available centimetre of surface and room cubage to its fullest potential,
  • certainty of originality of each project – by designing your own kitchen, you will have the confidence that it is remarkable and unique.

Each piece of furniture manufactured by us combines rich design and diversity of forms, modern model, ergonomics, and comfort. The furniture is made using cutting-edge technologies and furniture fixtures of renowned companies.

Furniture for public recipients and hospitality branch (mass production)

While carrying out corresponding projects related to mass production of furniture, we always seek for optimal solutions adopted to the specific requirements of a given recipient and conditions of a given market.

We specialise in execution of orders, both acquired autonomously and acquired as sub-contractors, under public tenders concerning various recipients, in particular on the territory of Germany. It should be noted that we carry out all assembly works with the help of our own assembly teams.

We manufactured and delivered room and kitchen furniture with box structure, as well as frame structure for a series of student hostels located in Germany (both under finishing newly constructed and refurbishment of existing student houses), various schools, hospitals, or boarding houses located at German Police Academies (Bundespolizeiaus- und -fortbildungszentrum) while successfully co-operating with investors and construction managers and flexibly adapting to works carried out by other contractors.

Aside from our furniture, we also delivered and assembled consumer electronics and home appliances, curtains, floorings, construction element structures, bathroom equipment, and finished interior furnishing elements such as chairs, tabletops, lacobel, and mirrors to the buildings listed above, but also under orders from the hospitality branch in Poland and Germany carried out by us. Such a wide spectrum of services provided by us is based on a wide network of suppliers and sub-contractors from Poland and whole Europe.


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