Development and refurbishment of shops

We carry out our services in the scope of execution of development and refurbishment of shops for leading trading networks both on the territory of Poland and abroad (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and other EU/EEA member countries).

These services cover thorough refurbishment of hypermarkets, as well as assembly and disassembly of various equipment elements of commercial facilities (i.e. shop racks along with levelling, platforms, price strips, checkout tables, bakery zones) and other activities related to this matter, such as stock replenishment or cleaning. We also handle maintenance and repairs of roofs in big commercial facilities, as well as hydraulics and interior outfitting.

Our assembly and repair teams operate perfectly even under time pressure and thanks to our human reserves we are able to adapt to orders entrusted to us in a flexible and dynamic way, which has a positive impact on the timeliness and quality of execution.

Finally, and most importantly for our foreign customers, our management staff is characterised by great experience and knowledge in the scope of delegating employees abroad (A1 certificates, reporting requirements, co-operation with SOKA-BAU, etc.), which translates into additional certainty in executing the entrusted tasks and legal safety related to this matter.


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73-110 Stargard, Poland


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